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Find Someone Who... is a great icebreaker to get students up and moving as well as interact with each other.

Students have several minutes to walk around the classroom trying to find a person who has a certain characteristic. When students find that person, they write that person's name on their checklist of paper. When a classmate has an answet, he signs his name in the corresponding box on the handout. Then, they move on to the next person with the hope that person meets one of the other characteristic on the master list. When time is up, the students return to their seats. This is a wonderful activity to get your students working together, in a cooperative learning setting, to achieve a common goal.

Find Someone Who is a classbunding structure from Dr. Spencer Kagan and Migual Kagan that can be used to practise newer content, review old content, refresh content from previous topic or simply keep kids fres on each of these skills in a fun and engaging way.

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