This pack contains 18 warm up activities for the EFL classroom. These are intended to be done in groups or pairs to get the children speaking in English. The topics they cover are:

- Gadgets and technology

- Sports and outdoors

- Animals and wildlife

- Jobs and professions

- Routines

- Food

- School

- Clothes

- Environment

- Relationships

- Around town

- Around the house

- School supplies

- Weather

- Feelings

- Summer memories

- Christmas

- Halloween


2 Reseñas para Roll and Speak - EFL speaking warm up

Patricia Domenech

  • Hace 2 meses antes
Great resource! Very useful to have! Thank you so much!

Ester Nieto Ponferrada

  • Hace 11 meses antes
Me encantan estas actividades y a ellos también!


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